Liza-Maria Norlin

What drives Liza-Maria Norlin is to constantly take part in changing the world for the better. After almost twenty years as a teacher and a politician she felt it was time to do something about one of the greatest challenges she has faced — leadership.

With joy, dedication, enthusiasm, and co-creation she wants to contribute with a greater understanding of values and their crucial role as a provider of the right conditions for sustainable and successful leadership.

Photographer picture of the author: Per Helander,

Liza-Maria Norlin

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Liza-Maria have been moderator and reporter producing Interviews and storytelling from Nordic Impact Week and Nordic FUTURE live videos

Photo from San Francisco and the Nordic Impact Week, thank you Liza-Maria. Special thanks to Thomas Norlin and the daughters Timea and who all made it Happen.

Liza-Maria Norlin San Francisco launching Nordic Impact Week 2017

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Impact Entrepreneur |Change-maker | Professional Speaker | Solving global challenges with positive impact on people, planet and profit. Customers, colleagues, & partners say; "He is a Rock Star of CleanTech in Northern Europe" How can I help you? With gratitude Lars

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