Tatiana Fedorova, Gooddler

Tatiana is the Founder of Gooddler and Gooddler Foundation. Member of The Compact for Youth in Humanitarian Actions at the United Nations.

A true serial entrepreneur, social innovator, philanthropist, an entrepreneur committed to impact, aimed to change the way the social sector operates.

Tatiana believes in entrepreneurship as the engine for solving the major problems facing the world today. A true entrepreneur delivering Impact.

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The photo below from Gooddler Social Youth Innovation Incubator and Tatiana’s sister Galina Fedorova


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Anne Beyond

Meet Annelie Persson Bäck, Environmental Engineer, Consultant, and teacher with a passion for people and planet. Annelie is currently in Pakistan to support Environmental tourism and all opportunities to improve and secure renewable energy supply. Go, Anne, Beyond. Follow and connect with Anne Beyond on her NEW WEB 



Why climate innovation needs women

Why climate Innovation needs women

The highlight of this week has been International Women’s Day, which celebrates the achievements of women and aims for a more gender-inclusive world.