Tatiana Fedorova, Gooddler

Tatiana is the Founder of Gooddler and Gooddler Foundation. Member of The Compact for Youth in Humanitarian Actions at the United Nations.

A true serial entrepreneur, social innovator, philanthropist, an entrepreneur committed to impact, aimed to change the way the social sector operates.

Tatiana believes in entrepreneurship as the engine for solving the major problems facing the world today. A true entrepreneur delivering Impact.

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The photo below from Gooddler Social Youth Innovation Incubator and Tatiana’s sister Galina Fedorova


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Liza-Maria Norlin

What drives Liza-Maria Norlin is to constantly take part in changing the world for the better. After almost twenty years as a teacher and a politician she felt it was time to do something about one of the greatest challenges she has faced — leadership.

With joy, dedication, enthusiasm, and co-creation she wants to contribute with a greater understanding of values and their crucial role as a provider of the right conditions for sustainable and successful leadership.

Photographer picture of the author: Per Helander, perhelander.se.

Liza-Maria Norlin

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Liza-Maria have been moderator and reporter producing Interviews and storytelling from Nordic Impact Week and Nordic FUTURE live videos

Photo from San Francisco and the Nordic Impact Week, thank you Liza-Maria. Special thanks to Thomas Norlin and the daughters Timea and who all made it Happen.

Liza-Maria Norlin San Francisco launching Nordic Impact Week 2017

Anne Beyond

Meet Annelie Persson Bäck, Environmental Engineer, Consultant, and teacher with a passion for people and planet. Annelie is currently in Pakistan to support Environmental tourism and all opportunities to improve and secure renewable energy supply. Go, Anne, Beyond. Follow and connect with Anne Beyond on her NEW WEB 



Anne Lidgard, Director Vinnova

Anne Lidgard, Director for Vinnova, is an inspiring driving force and a key person for the Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto Californias growth. Anne was a part of the start in 2012 and has built a great ecosystem in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area for Swedish and Nordic companies.

Today Anne is back at Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation agency in Stockholm and are fundamental in the growth of more Nordic Innovation Houses, the latest opened in Hongkong, earlier Singapore and also New York in 2018.


More about Anne http://bit.ly/annelidgardvinnova


Happy International Women’s​ Day

International Women´s Day – Balance for Better.



Tony Lane Casserly

Tony Lane Casserly, an artrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry.

Toni is working on CULTU.RE, creating competitive marketplaces for governance and standards for self-sovereign identity. As a humanitarian, Toni Lane used Bitcoin as a tool for direct response to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.


Tony Lane Casserly

About Women With Impact:

Are The platform and global community supporting and promoting mission-driven women entrepreneurs, investors & changemakers with a purpose and who wants to make a positive Impact and a better world?

Here you will find brilliant Women with Impact who have made Impact in meetings with myself over the last 15 years.

This will be updated frequently.

Wanna make an impact and grow this platform, and showcase yourself on the platform.

Please send email to hello@nordicfuture.co

Questions call +46 72 740 66 06

Featured Image and photo credit Lars Ling, from Katapult Future fest Oslo, Norway.


Why climate innovation needs women

Why climate Innovation needs women

The highlight of this week has been International Women’s Day, which celebrates the achievements of women and aims for a more gender-inclusive world.